The Mike Ficco Jazz Quartet And Trio

The Mike Ficco Jazz Quartet is a highly competent versatile and professional jazz organization that was formed with the purpose of making fine jazz available to the public. Since formed, the quartet has performed in numerous popular clubs and restaurants, college campuses, libraries, bookstores and private parties. Performances have featured us in concert settings, intimate cabaret’ settings and clinical settings for students of jazz. Each musician is a college trained music specialist that has a deep and sincere love for the art of jazz. We are all experienced professional musicians who love to play jazz for our own satisfaction and ultimately for the enjoyment and appreciation of our audience. Mike Ficco has over 35 years experience in jazz education and has conducted all levels of jazz ensembles. He is has been director of both the Suffolk County Community College Jazz Ensemble and The Five Towns Jazz Ensemble and currently appears with The Mike Ficco Jazz Quartet, The Mike Ficco Jazz Trio and The Long Island Jazz Orchestra in the Metropolitan Area.
The Mike Ficco Jazz Quartet takes great pride in being capable of performing jazz that most people can relate to and enjoy. We feature jazz standards from the forties to the present encompassing the styles of Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Duke Ellington, Spyro Gyra, etc. and our own distinctly original compositions. We specialize in most forms of jazz including bebop, swing, modern jazz and funk.
The Mike Ficco Jazz Quartet can perform for most any occasion including cocktail parties. For a more intimate and romantic sound The Mike Ficco Jazz Trio is the perfect solution.

Mike Ficco Jazz Quartet
Mike Ficco-alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones
Steve Salerno-guitar
Chris Weigers-bass
Jimmy Guarnieri-drums

Neil Ralph-keyboard
Nick Russo-guitar
Rick Helf-guitar
Ray Williams-bass
Eddie Balsalmo-drums
Lee Konits-bass
Rory Stuart-guitar
Jon Ray-Bass
Quartet at Galluccio Vineyard

/Mike doing a Kenny G soundalike


Quartet with Lee Konits at Smithtown HS

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Jack Carman

Neil at Atlantis

Jimmy at Atlantis

Mike at Atlantis

Quartet with Terri Leigh at Patchogue

Quartet with Ray Williams

Mike at Patchogue Band Shell

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Quartet at Oheka Castle

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Telephone:  631-723-0693


Quartet at Atlantis