Tom,Rich,Mike,James and Steve. What A Section!

George John Bob and Kevin...What a section!

Rod letting loose at O'Reilly's!

The Band

You have to hear them live to believe it!

The Best and Most Talented Players on Long Island!

Saxes: (The most incredible jazz sax section on Long Island): Mike Ficco, Rich Fornaro, Bernie Rose, Kevin Miller, Vinny I.

Trumpet Section: (Easily the best and most outrageous on Long Island): Barry Schwalb, Tony Bavota, Kevin Cordone and Bob Sagarino

Trombones: (The most awesome bone section on Long Island): Rod Borrie, Ken Mahoney, Jason Fisher, Kevin Delargy

Rhythm: (They better be great to drive the rest of the guys…and they are!): Jimmy Guarnieri-drums, Neal Ralph-keyboard and Anita Barreca-bass

Vocalist: Linda Catania –vocalist

Rod Soloing!

Mike Soloing!







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Linda belting it out!


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