The Best Long Island Dance Band We provide dance music for swing dances and other social events throughout Long Island, NY.

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The Long Island Jazz Orchestra Is Available To Perform For Long Island Swing Dances, Dinner Dances, & More

With a repertoire that includes the biggest hits from the greatest bandleaders of the swing era, your guests will be dancing until the crack of dawn!

The Long Island Jazz Orchestra performing for an outdoor dinner dance.

If you are a dance club, social organization, or someone looking to host a dance event, you can’t beat the energy that comes from having a live band. The dancers feeding off of the musicians and the musicians feeding off of the dancers create a chemistry that absolutely cannot be reproduced.

And so, if you are going to book a live band, you might as well get the best dance band on Long Island. The band to book is the Long Island Jazz Orchestra!

With a repertoire that includes works from the likes of Thad Jones, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, and other great swing era bandleaders, booking our swing dance band is an easy choice to make.

The Long Island Jazz Orchestra has a reputation for professionalism and great music that spans decades. Dozens of swing dances, dinner dances, and other social events have benefitted from the classic and timeless dance music of Long Island's premier jazz big band.

Why Book The Long Island Jazz Orchestra For Your Dance Event

Whether you are a dance instructor or the coordinator of a dance event, there are certain things that you are looking for from a live ensemble aside from great music. For example:

  • Professionalism - You need the provider of your entertainment to be on time, to be reliable, and to be organized.
  • Experienced - This doesn’t just mean experienced with playing their instruments. It also means things like knowing how to read the audience to see if adjusting setlists on the fly is necessary, or knowing when to stretch out a song if the crowd seems to be enjoying it.
  • Well Rehearsed - You don’t want to deal with a band, especially a jazz big band, that is a fly-by-night ensemble. It is important to book a band that is solid and familiar with its own repertoire.

The Long Island Jazz Orchestra meets all of these criteria and more!

Swing dancers dancing to the music of the Long Island Jazz Orchestra

Schedule The Long Island Jazz Orchestra For Your Swing Dance Or Other Social Event

The Long Island Jazz Orchestra stands ready to bring quality and classic dance music to your swing dance or dinner dance event. We are available year-round and are eager to entertain your guests.

Call (631) 723-0693 for bookings. We serve locations all over Long Island, NY.