Jazz Clinics With A Professional Big Band Masterclasses given for students, musicians, and any organizations looking to learn about jazz.

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Mike Ficco & The Long Island Jazz Orchestra Provides Jazz Masterclasses Across Long Island, NY

Clinics and masterclasses are provided for public and private school jazz big bands, musicians, and others interested in jazz music.

Mike Ficco is well known as a clinician of jazz music on Long Island.

The Long Island Jazz Orchestra can be booked to provide jazz clinics for the jazz big bands of public and private schools, colleges and universities, pro and amateur musicians, and any individuals interested in learning about jazz music.

Band leader Mike Ficco has a sterling reputation on Long Island not just for his performance skills, but also for his abilities as a music educator with decades of experience. Together with his 16 piece ensemble of top-notch musicians, a number of whom also have experience as music educators, Mike Ficco guides masterclass participants through a well structured path of musical discovery.

Insights On Jazz Improvisation, Vocalist Coaching, & More

As long-time performers and educators of jazz music, Mike Ficco and members of the Long Island Jazz Orchestra can provide insights into such matters as:

  • Jazz Improvisation - Perhaps the most challenging aspect of jazz to master is improvisation. The goal of instruction geared towards jazz improvisation will be to help the performer to learn key fundamental guidelines, provide a basic understanding of music theory, and to set a path towards the participants building their musical vocabulary.
  • Big Band Performance - To perform in a jazz big band, it isn’t enough to simply read the music in front of you. Performers must learn to understand how their instrument fits in with their section and with the other sections of the band. This and other concepts are vital towards creating the unique sound that jazz big bands are historically known for.
  • Instrumental Techniques - Every instrument has its strengths and weaknesses in performance. Clinic participants are guided through ways to improve their performance technique on their instrument and how to build on their instrument’s strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. Emphasis is stressed on developing good habits for practicing.
  • Vocalist Coaching - Practicing singing with a recording is an entirely different experience from practicing and performing with a real, live band. This is especially true when different arrangements of otherwise familiar songs are involved. Vocalists are provided guidance with such things as understanding where they are at any given moment within an arrangement, how to find their pitch center, and more.

There are many aspects of jazz to learn about in order to perform it successfully. This makes it important to learn from those who have built up substantial experience.

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When it comes to learning how to perform jazz music in a big band, nothing compares to receiving instruction and hands-on experience from an actual professional jazz big band.

The performers in your school, or your amateur or professional ensemble will reap high rewards, gain valuable knowledge, and receive a memorable experience from band leader Mike Ficco and the Long Island Jazz Orchestra. Call (631) 723-0693 to book a jazz masterclass today!