Swing Band Library Concerts Long Island's premier jazz big band provides concert performances for public libraries.

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Educational Jazz Concerts for Nassau & Suffolk County Libraries

The Long Island Jazz Orchestra provides concert performances that are entertaining and educational for public libraries across Long Island, NY.

Mike Ficco taking and alto sax solo during a library concert.

Program coordinators for the various library branches in the suffolk and nassau county systems are faced with an on-going challenge...what programming to schedule that will peak the interest of as many patrons as possible, that will entertain and educate, and that is family friendly.

Booking the Long Island Jazz Orchestra is a surefire way for libraries to face this challenge head-on!

As the premier jazz big band on Long Island, the Long Island Jazz Orchestra offers high quality performances guaranteed to entertain. Furthermore, the ensemble is led by Mike Ficco, who not only has a reputation as one of the top music educators of Long Island but who also has the performance skills to back it up.

Reasons To Book The Long Island Jazz Orchestra For Your Library Programming

The programming of many libraries across Long Island is funded by grants. As such, there are often certain criteria that library programs need to follow in order to be considered for scheduling.

The following list contains criteria that is often cited by the grants and how the Long Island Jazz Orchestra fulfills those criteria.

  • Open To The Community - The Long Island Jazz Orchestra is well-known for its public performances in some of Long Island’s concert series in the parks and other events that are open to all.
  • Culturally Enriching - The repertoire of the Long Island Jazz Orchestra is built from the biggest and most important names of the big band era. Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and others helped to shape and influence generations of American composers and arrangers.
  • Family Friendly - The music and program content provided by the Long Island Jazz Orchestra is suitable for all ages!
  • Educational - In addition to band leader Mike Ficco, there are a number of musicians in the ensemble who also have experience in music education. Knowledge about the various composers featured, the time period that the music originates from, and even about jazz history in general is cleverly delivered in between selections.

When it comes to library programming, the Long Island Jazz Orchestra places an emphasis on not just providing great music, but also delivering an educational experience to the audience.

Call To Add The Long Island Jazz Orchestra To Your Library’s Programming

Audience of various ages enjoying a library concert by the Long Island Jazz Orchestra

Make your job as a library program coordinator easy by booking the Long Island Jazz Orchestra. Our ensemble has a well-deserved reputation that is built on over 20 years of hard work and professionalism. We will both entertain and educate your patrons using a musical artform that is deeply rooted in American culture and history.

By calling (631) 723-0693, you can add the Long Island Jazz Orchestra to the programming of your library.