Top-Rated Big Band For Night Clubs The Long Island Jazz Orchestra brings class and sophistication to the nightlife of Long Island

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Long Island Night Clubs Have Something Different To Offer Their Patrons

Night clubs can distinguish themselves from their competition by booking the Long Island Jazz Orchestra as entertainment.

The Long Island Jazz Orchestra performing at a Long Island night club.

If you are the owner of a night club on Long Island, you are undoubtedly always looking for ways to get new patrons to walk into your establishment. In marketing, a business often gets ahead of the competition by being disruptive...doing something different or new.

If every business simply did the exact same things that their competitors do, they would have no way to distinguish themselves from any number of other similar businesses.

You need to be able to offer something different.

The typical formula most night clubs follow is serve drinks, hire a DJ, and offer a “Lady’s Night”. You can buck the trend! Booking the Long Island Jazz Orchestra would be the perfect way to distinguish your night club from others.

How To Attract More People To Your Night Club With The Long Island Jazz Orchestra

Gimmicks don't improve profits, strategies do! Booking the Long Island Jazz Orchestra can be part of a larger strategy to bring in new patrons. Some ideas on how the Long Island Jazz Orchestra can attract more people to your nightclub include:

  • Swing Dance Night - Swing dancing has made a comeback in the Long Island dance scene. Giving swing dancers a place where they can have the opportunity to dance to an authentic jazz big band would be a great way to seperate your night club from competitors.
  • Upscale/VIP Night - Promoting exclusivity is a good marketing tactic towards building desire within the mind of a customer. Who doesn’t want to be part of the “in-crowd”? Holding a VIP night could include a dress-code of formal attire, a menu of top-shelf liquor, and the Long Island Jazz Orchestra providing classic entertainment that is sophisticated and upscale.
  • Roaring 20s Theme Night - The 1920s was known as "The Roaring 20s" because of the optimism of the decade, the faster pace that technology was improving, and the general upswing of the stock market. Do any of these points sound familiar? We are entering the 2020s and those same conditions have repeated themselves and are in place to drive the decade.

    Hosting a roaring 20s theme night can provide an opportunity to mix themes from the 1920s, such as having dance music provided by a live swing band, with themes of the 2020s, like sending out invitations, on-the-spot promotional offers, and other notifications to the smartphones of patrons.

Any of these ideas could be run as either a one-off promotion or as a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly event.

Young crowd at a night club enjoying the music of the Long Island Jazz Orchestra.

Book the Long Island Jazz Orchestra To Distinguish Your Night Club From The Competition

In an industry where it is especially important to distinguish yourself from your competitors, night club owners must leverage any unique offerings to their patrons that they can. Booking the Long Island Jazz Orchestra is just the sort of unique offering that can cause new foot traffic into your establishment.

To book the Long Island Jazz Orchestra, call (631) 723-0693 and add our ensemble to your entertainment roster today!