Swinging Party Band for All Occasions The Long Island Jazz Orchestra brings foot-stomping pizazz to anniversaries, birthdays & more.

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Long Island Party Music With A Classic Flair

Bring swing music to your New Years Eve, masquerade, or retirement party with the Long Island Jazz Orchestra.

Saxophonist Mike Ficco taking a solo during a party performance.

From Queens to Montauk there is always some sort of party happening on Long Island! And if you were to attend each of those parties, chances are that you would run into the Long Island Jazz Orchestra sooner or later.

As a 16 piece jazz big band, the Long Island Jazz Orchestra offers more than just classic dance music from some of the greatest composers in American songwriting history. The ensemble also offers an experience to your New Years Eve, masquerade, or retirement party goers that simply cannot be supplied anywhere else or by any other means.

Give The Excitement Of A Swinging, Live Band To Your Party Guests

Most party goers are familiar with the experience of going to a party that has a DJ. Fewer party attendees have experienced going to a party with a live band and even less have experienced a live swing band.

Booking the Long Island Jazz Orchestra allows you to offer your party guests with a more unique experience that is sure to be memorable and exciting.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a party for an anniversary, birthday, retirement, or holiday event. As long as there is party music needed, the Long Island Jazz Orchestra will serve up classic and swinging music that will keep party goers moving in step all night long!

Call Us To Hire A Professional Party Band That Brings Excitement & Class

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Book the Long Island Jazz Orchestra for the new years eve, anniversary, holiday, or birthday party that you are planning. Our band has decades of experience when it comes to performing at parties and bringing smiles to faces.